Things Which Can Happen When You Have an Under-Bite

You may take good care of your teeth in order to prevent dental and oral health issues. But there are some issues which are genetic and there is nothing much you can do to prevent such issues. However, it doesn’t mean either that you need to live with such issue for the rest of your life. One of such issues is the problem of under-bite.

Before we talk about what you can do if you have an under-bite, it is worth discussing what happens when you have this issue.


Although there are other issues related to under-bite which can turn out to be problematic, you may be able to manage those issues on your own. However, appearance is the one for which you will need to get professional help. Since this issue is not very common among people, a person with protruding chin becomes quite noticeable.


There are certain words which specifically need proper position and movement of jaw. For instance, the words ‘F’ and ‘S’ need upper teeth to settle in a forward position, and it is not quite possible when you have an under-bite. While adults may be able to control themselves from making a mock of a person with this issue, children with such issues are often ridiculed by their age fellows.


The proper shape of smile comes with the proper settlement of upper and lower lips. With lower lips in a dominant position, it becomes difficult to form a smiling shape. No matter how hard you try, the lower lip in a dominant position is not going to let you give nice smiling look.


The under-bite can make the simplest of tasks such as chewing pretty difficult. In fact, it can be a serious issue because people with under-bite are at the risk of choking due to not being able to chew their foods properly.

Treatment of under-bite

When we talk about treatment of under-bite and other misalignment problems, we often imagine undergoing a surgical process. It is not really the case. Surgery is the last option when all other options do not seem working. There are some non-surgical and non-invasive treatment methods which can treat your problem of under-bite without causing any pain.

Upper jaw expander

This treatment involves placement of a palatal expander on the roof of the mouth. This expander is expanded every night in order to widen the upper jaw.

Reverse Pull Face Mask

This device resembles the headgear which the people with braces wear. The purpose of this headgear is to pull the metal bands attached to the back of the upper teeth. This way, the upper teeth move forward and settle in the ideal position in correspondence with the lower jaw.

While you can go for these treatments if you have the problem of under-bite, you need to visit the dentist first before going for the treatment.


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